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'Balkancar G. Mihaylov' Co., town of Knezha, is a joint-stock company specializing in the production, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment for trucks.

'Balkancar G. Mihaylov' Co. started its activity at the end of 1968. The company was part of Balkancar Holding, which has established and confirmed the traditions of the Bulgarian truck building industry. Today 'Balkancar G. Mihaylov' Co. is part of 'Energoremont Holding' JSC – a company with more than 45 years of experience in the design, production, delivery and installation of power equipment. 'Balkancar G. Mihaylov' Co. has a team of highly qualified engineers and experts with rich production experience, having specific and highly valued on the world market competencies.

Since 2017, Executive Director of 'Balkancar G. Mihaylov' Co. is Eng. Krasimira Bratoycheva.

Missions and targets

The mission of 'Balkancar G. Mihaylov' Co. is to design, produce and develop product ranges focusing on the following main principles: confidence, practicality, efficiency. The company develops its operations in parallel with the vision to provide its customers with machines, components and services that include a wide range of professional values but at an affordable price.

Among the long-term priorities of the company are the sustainable development of production and engineering capacities on the territory of Bulgaria and the increase of the share of sales on the international market.

Recently, the company started development of a new, unique for our country, industrial branch – production of agricultural machinery.

Activity and competencies

'Balkancar G. Mihaylov' Co. has a team of highly qualified engineers and experts with specific and valued on the international market competencies. This, together with the manufacturing model adopted by the company, allows it to secure the full lifecycle of its products – from research and development, production of parts and completed systems to marketing and sales, as well as after-sales services.

The company is located on a total area of 27,000 square meters, of which 7,500 sq.m are built-up are, mainly occupied by production premises. The company has its own power substation, waste water treatment plant and options for use of natural gas. At present, there are 78 experts working in the company, including turners, metalworking machine operators, electricians, welders, etc.

The products manufactured by 'Balkancar G. Mihaylov' Co. meet all the contemporary requirements for safety, ergonomics and efficiency. Besides the production, sale and maintenance of machines, electrical equipment and spare parts, the company develops a branch of activity in the field of production of agricultural machinery, as well as the service, repair and recycling of electric motors for the household and industry.


‘Balkancar G. Mihaylov’ Co. needs recruitment of its team for both permanent positions and temporary works related to specific projects.

With few exceptions, the job requires candidates to be graduated in engineering, and experience and command of a foreign language are considered as an advantage.

If you would like to be part of our team, please submit your details using the form:




The products of 'Balkancar G. Mihaylov' Co. meet all modern criteria and requirements for safety, ergonomics and efficiency. Besides the production and sales of electrical equipment, the company deals with service, repair and recycling of household and industrial electric motors with a power up to 400 kW and a voltage up to 0.4 kV. The company holds a valid quality certificate according to ISO 9001:2008 standard issued by TÜV – the internationally recognized leader in the field. The German organization that works for validation of the safety of all kinds of products in order to protect the people and the environment examines as an independent consultant and certifies the operation of motor equipment, power plants, devices and products.

Download our presentation and full product catalogue by clicking HERE.

Among the products developed and produced by 'Balkancar G. Mihaylov' Co. are:

‘Balkancar G. Mihaylov’ Co. – We take care of the safety of your machines!


5835 Kneja, 185 G. Dimitrov Str.



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